Dear beloved #Sucisisters,

Natural oils are a must and we LOVE to include them in our skincare routine. From cleansing to moisturizing, and even mixing them in masks, natural oils have so many benefits when it comes to beauty and health. Trust us, if you have not included natural oils in your routine, you should. Your skin will glow and you might not need much makeup after this!

One of our favourites so far is the argan oil range from Argania. The products are made from 100% pure natural argan oil, extracted using cold press to ensure all the natural goodness is retained so that you can enjoy the most benefits out of using it.

Wonder Oil

Unlike some other moisturizer that only stays on the surface of the skin after application (Ewww!); the Argania Wonder Oil is a wonderful moisturizer that gets quickly absorbed into your skin and boost its natural moisture from deep within. Get that glow without the oily, shiny and sticky feeling like you have just run a marathon.

Mix it with your foundation. You don’t need much okay, a drop or two is enough to give you that extra glow. Apart from that, apply it to your lips before you wear your lipstick and it will go on smoothly. Removing it at the end of the day is easy too, even those stubborn matte liquid lipsticks.

No more dull and dry hair too when you include the oil in your hair care! To list down all the benefits of the argan oil will take ages because you can use the oil in possibly every part of your skin care and beauty routine!

Argania Light

The Argania Light is a new formulation, mixing the goodness of the pure argan oil with olive lavender oil and bergamot oil. The texture is lighter, specifically made to be used on your face, body and hair. To those with oily skin, this is formulation is very suitable for you!

Blend it with your foundation and you will have a perfect application every time! Ready to impress the world with your beauty. It is affordable and one bottle can last you a couple of months.

Aquaceutical Mist by Argania

 Whenever your skin needs a bit of moisturizing, just pick up the bottle and just spritz it! Yes, it is that easy. Infused with Argan oil, Rosewater and Bergamot oil, the mist will instantly freshen up and tone your skin anytime anywhere.

Sometimes at work, you are stressed out and just need a pick-me-up while moisturizing your skin, well, no problem ladies, just apply the mist and you will glow with confidence!

Its portability means you can carry it anywhere, so you can have a fresh-looking skin, everywhere!

Ardelia Eu De Parfum by Argania

Pull in their attention when you walk into the room. A little goes a long way as the Ardelia as it has a long-lasting smell that will definitely make people addicted to your presence. The sweet fruity flowery scent is calming too. Such a great perfume for those living a hectic life and we know most of our #SuciSisters are hard working ladies who are passionate about their work.

The perfume has no alcohol content and can be used during prayers too! It fits well in our mission of bringing halal products to you!

Best of all, having a great scent like this will leave a major impact when you leave the room. People will definitely remember you and long for your presence with them every time!

Multi-Action Cream Cleanser

Longing for a soft and supple skin while maintaining its elasticity? Ladies, this is the cleanser that you need. These days, a lot of the cleansers in the market contain harmful chemicals that will ruin your skin and health in the long run. But the Argania Multi-Action Cream Cleanser is different. It only uses natural ingredients to effectively clean and helps your skin. No dangerous substance here. One less thing to worry about and one more thing to enjoy, which is a great looking skin!

The hardest part is when you have sensitive skin, but here’s a secret. (Whispering) this cleanser is suitable for you too. No more worrying about breakouts or flaking or peeling.

The anti-ageing cleanser can also be used to remove your make up. Such convenient! We don’t need too many products anymore! (although we will surely buy more because we love it!)

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Thank you for supporting us and leave a comment if you have any questions 🙂

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Tunku Kaiyisah and Natasha <3