Salam and Happy Ramadhan, darling #sucisisters!

Every woman loves makeup, but don’t forget the biggest investment a woman needs to make is to take care of her skin which is the canvas for make-up application. You can have all the makeup in the world but if your skin is not well taken care of, you will have to apply more makeup to cover it up.

What if we tell you that now you can have a product line that is both safe for your face and also for the environment? Yes pretties, it is ahhhmazing what modern research coupled with Halal ingredients can achieve. The Naveen Rose Anti-Aging Line is available now at Prettysuci so you can finally get that youthful look worry free.

Naveen Rose Revitalizing Toner

We understand that using the toner can be intimidating and scary because of some overblown myth and misuse. But trust us on this, the Naveen Rose Revitalizing Toner is very effective in giving your skin the relief it needs. The refreshing toner has a light rose scent and unclogs pores, and leaving the skin feeling smooth, toned and looking clear.

Get revitalized skin instantly with its natural moisturizing ingredients, which helps the skin’s collagen to rejuvenate and protect the skin from within.

Naveen Rose Age-Defying Serum

This super-charged age-fighting serum is packed with nutrients that rejuvenate the skin naturally which also fights ageing at the same time. It has a high concentration of antioxidants which effectively targets and prevents skin ageing, thanks to a deeper penetration to maximize skin cell regeneration.   and powerful age-fighting ingredients. Highly concentred with antioxidants effectively targets the signs of skin ageing by deeply penetrating multiple cell layers and maximize regeneration.

Your skin will finally get that natural luminosity and clarity for a youthful look and feel. Which is a must for the “I woke up like this selfie”! On top of that, the serum also has Certified Organic Rose Damascene Oil which tones the skin and has a lovely rosy scent.

Naveen Rose Revitalizing Cream

Infuse life back in your skin ladies! The cream is sooo lightweight and penetrates quickly, leaving the skin feeling soothing and smooth. A great blend of organic shea butter and botanical oils will detoxify and protect your skin too.

Besides, what’s better than great hair for a major hair flip scene? Naturally beautiful and smooth skin from within of course!

Grimes and oiliness be gone! Take control of your skin and experience the fresh, dewy and youthful complexion.

Pair the threesome together and you won’t have to worry about dehydrated, dull and rough skin. Trust us ladies, your skin will thank you for it!

And in light of Ramadhan, we are running a promotion for Naveen’s Award Winning Face Masks – Firming Mask and Hydrating Mask. For every 2 boxes purchased, you will receive 1 box FREE.

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